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You will get real “insider” information from experts that is not available anywhere else... giving you a quick start to building a successful business.

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Before you buy your first alpacas… you need to take action to educate yourself. The safety of you, your family and the alpacas could be in danger. Learn what it takes to be an alpaca owner, breeder and farmer. The actions you take now will make a difference to your success as an alpaca business owner.

Learn From The Following Audio Interviews With The Experts...

  • Retired CPA & Alpaca Rancher

    We start our interview with an interesting discussion about the distinction between raising Alpacas as a hobby and raising them as a successful business in the eyes of the I.R.S. We also go into great detail about what you can expect for your start-up costs and expenses as you continue.

  • AOBA Certified Judge

    He is an AOBA certified halter, fleece and performance judge and judge trainer. He has judged and evaluated thousands of alpacas in and outside the USA at more than 30 alpaca shows. He has written articles for Alpacas Magazine and has given lectures for numerous camelid organizations.

  • Two Camelid Specialist Veterinarians

    Prior to specializing in alpacas, both of them were small animal vets. Their background includes being active in the alpaca industry with showing, giving seminars, past AOBA Board of Director member, past chair of Health and Research Committee and more than five years on the Show Rules Committee.

  • Small-Breeder Marketing Expert

    Teaches an AOBA certified class on Improving Small Farm Profitability. Her sound advice on marketing, diversifying your operation, selling and customer service after the sale make this busy professional very popular on the speaking circuit.

  • Owner of a Successful Alpaca Processing Mill

    Extremely knowledgeable in all phases of processing alpaca fleece so he opened up a mill to process the fiber of other local ranches in 2003. Now they are known as a premier alpaca spinning mill for numerous ranches all over the country.

  • Alpaca Ranch Manager

    For 5 years, she worked as a ranch manager before she moved her Alpacas to a new property in Arizona. She lived the experience of setting up a ranch from scratch, TWICE! And now, she wants to share her insights with you.

So How Much Is "Knowing How To Run A Really Successful and Profitable Alpaca Farm Worth To You?"

You Also Get...

  • How to determine if your venture is a hobby or business in the eyes of the IRS
  • 3 most important factors which determine the actual dollar value of an alpaca
  • How to get a great deal buying alpacas from smaller breeders!
  • Why many people believe that alpacas are a much better investment than stocks or bonds
  • How to quickly map out your potential income!
  • In-depth explanation of tax savings enjoyed by alpaca breeders (not available to most other businesses)
  • What drives the alpaca industry to continue to grow and what the trend and opportunities will be that will drive the next decade of the industry

Separate the facts from the hype

You have questions... we have answers

  • q-iconHow much does it cost to raise alpacas?

    You’ll learn the simple, easy secrets that can get you started without having to mortgage your house!

  • q-iconHow long does it take to earn a profit from my alpaca farm?

    You’ll discover exactly how alpaca ranchers plan to reach profitability, and 3 different start-up approaches that can get you there.

  • q-icon How can I take advantage of the tax benefits?

    See how raising alpacas can put thousands of tax dollars back in your pocket!

  • q-iconWhat should I look for in an alpaca breeder?

    Warning!  Don’t even think of purchasing an alpaca unless your breeder meets these 3 criteria.

  • q-iconHow much can I realistically expect to make?

    You’ll find out what’s required to reach specific income levels, and how some farms/ranchers manage to speed up the process.

  • q-iconCan I make good money selling alpaca fiber?

    Find out how to determine the true value of your fiber, where to sell it, and why some alpaca breeders can’t produce nearly enough fiber to keep up with demand!

Find out exactly what the experts think about market stability, demand, the five revenue streams in the industry, and what the future may hold for the alpaca farming business.

Save Time, Energy and Money

We have researched the answers to these practical questions and provided 100’s of tips about…

  • What you need to set up your alpaca farm and get started
  • How to breed high quality alpacas year after year so you can sell them for profit
  • What to feed alpacas and how much it costs to raise them
  • How to keep your alpacas healthy and thriving
  • How much room alpacas need to run around
  • Everything you need to know about alpaca fiber, shearing, and the fiber market
  • 3 most critical things you absolutely must do within 24 hours after a "cria" [baby alpaca] is born!
  • Why characteristics such as cuddliness and cuteness are the wrong kinds of criteria to focus on, when deciding what alpaca to buy. (Don't let this honest mistake haunt you.)

To do all this yourself just wouldn't be realistic! When you do decide to purchase
your first Alpaca, even just one of the hundreds of tips in our materials could easily
save you thousands of dollars in bad decisions.

Here’s what you get in the Alpaca Business Secrets Power Pack

  • Six hours of conversation

    Six audios with 6 hours of conversation with alpaca business experts who give you the ideas, techniques and strategies that have made their alpaca farming business profitable.

  • Transcripts

    Read the transcripts of all the interviews, so you do not miss a single word. Most important, you get the real life experiences of experts of whom NEVER raised livestock before they ventured in the alpaca business.

Special $$$ Bonus Included

  • You get valuable coupons good towards the Purchase of Registered Alpacas, Breeding Fees, a “hands on” Alpaca Seminar and even FREE Alpaca Business Coaching. Most importantly, you get additional newsletters and selected Special Reports that keep you up to date about changes in the industry. These will be delivered to your inbox on a periodic basis.


Shirley C. The Business Secrets Power Pack offered by Julie was instrumental in the ultimate purchase of my starter herd in December 2011. The most important discovery is that I do not have allergies to the alpaca. I can spend hours with my girls and do not have allergic attacks. Even more amazing is that I can once again be around barnyard animals and live that lifestyle that melts away the trapped doldrum feeling one experiences working the monotonous 40-hour corporate grind Shirley C., CZ Alpaca Ranch
Stacey W. I feel the need to brag on Julie and Don a bit. Our journey started when we got their wonderful Alpaca Business Secrets program (highly recommended). I talked to Julie, and before I got off the phone, I was bubbling with excitement over our new venture. I signed up for their newsletter, which I might add is full of information, and we are always looking forward to the next newsletter. Julie and Don are lovely people who not only love what they do, but they want to help others and have helped us immensely. Julie has taught me so much in such a short amount of time and is always there to answer my questions, concerns, helping with paperwork and such, well, she's just been a lifesaver. It's always good when you get off the phone with her grinning from ear to ear. I'd told Julie what we were looking for in alpacas and she took the time to even search other ranches for the perfect angels we were looking for, and then some (so great we ended up taking them all)! We ended up with not only awesome alpacas with amazing lineage, but at an incredible price as well. She even choreographed the transport of our girls to their new home for us. It's great to know that once we bought our herd, the relationship wasn't severed, they'll always be here for us. I'm excited to learn more and to be taught about showing our alpacas. We can't imagine where we'd be without Julie and Don. We can't thank ya'll enough! Stacey W., Spirit of the Rockies

If you have already purchased alpacas...

I still encourage you to learn as much as possible from these experts in order to be successful with your alpaca venture. Plus, just one good tip out of hundreds... could simply catapult your business to a WHOLE new level.

Our 60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

So if, for any reason after soaking up their wisdom, insights and strategies, you feel you haven’t heard practical, usable information about how alpaca breeders generate full time incomes … or if you just plain feel you didn’t get what you paid for or you are unhappy, simply let me know – and we part as friends.

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